Friday Memory:

Hasn’t it Always Been the Year of the Woman?

Friday's Memory, September 21, 2018


If you have been following the news and listening to the commentary of the various pundits who appear on Sunday morning talk shows, you have undoubtedly heard that 2018 has been proclaimed as the “Year of the Woman” because of the unprecedented rate of women seeking office in the House and Senate.


But when we think of the phrase, “Year of the Woman” we cannot help but ask the question, where have we been? Haven’t we been here all along?


This Saturday, September 22nd is National Business Women’s Day, a day earmarked to highlight and honor the achievements of women in the workforce and as business owners. The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), founded on September 22 in 1949, adopted the mission “to bring together businesswoman of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.”


Throughout the years, Elaine and I have been in the presence of some pretty remarkable women who have gone above and beyond exemplifying the ABWA mission. So, it did not take us long to agree that we devote this Friday memory to letting our readers in on what has been going on for the past three years involving one of these remarkable women, Kim Nagy, of Wild River Consulting and Publishing, LLC., editors and publishers of our book.


Based on the recommendation of Kate McGuire, our researcher, we called Ilona Kimberly Nagy of Wild River. Not sure of what we were looking for, it seemed as if our words practically tumbled out of our mouths as we explained that we weren’t sure if we even reached the right person. We continued to ramble on about having a story we wanted to tell but that it was raveled up in a decade’s worth of research stacked in boxes in Elaine’s dining room. Kim immediately understood our goals and began to give greater shape to our vision of a finished book. And so the odyssey began.


Our routine began by hunkering down at Elaine’s house one afternoon each week where Kim would join us at Elaine’s dining room table. There, through an explosion of research and scraps of paper that held nearly forgotten stories, we worked with our bowls of hot soup and bagels. At the blink of an eye the weeks morphed into months and three years had elapsed. We soon came to the realization that our afternoons of endless re-writes, mental exhaustion, flagging spirits and soup was all part of the growth process because a book began to unfold before our eyes under Kim’s expert tutelage.


Miraculously our story was no longer tucked away under reams of research, scattered papers or locked in memories. We still talk about the ease of our relationship right from the beginning as Kim’s mentoring led us down the path of how to organize our research into a creation that became our narrative. Kim kept us on point and aligned with our vision. She has not only been our mentor but an ardent cheerleader who never once considered our dream unattainable or unworthy.


So, for this National Business Women’s Day we want to acknowledge Kim Nagy and Hope Tillman Hope Tillman(who possesses extraordinary research and genealogy skills) of Wild River Books who swept us up into their world of professionalism and guided us through the progression of writing our book. Further, it was Kim and Hope who encouraged us to use our voices each week through the Friday Memory which has garnered a loyal following of readers. So, in spite of all the nail-biting deadlines, seemingly endless re-writes and double and triple fact checking, we proudly bring you our book entitled, “If These Stones Could Talk” due to launch on November 7, 2018.


As we close this Friday Memory we thank you again, Kim Nagy, for molding, coaxing, bolstering and lovingly guiding us every step of the way so our dream could be realized; a dream that many would have told us was unattainable.

Beverly & Elaine


P.S. While writing this Friday Memory wanted to acknowledge other remarkable women who have proven to be exemplary workforce leaders who have shown their light into our world: Sara Cooper Sara Cooper and Pat Boatwright-Coleman Pat Coleman-Boatwright of Cooper Creative Group, Linda Martin of Flutter, Jean Gianacaci of Christine’s Hope for Kids, Lisa Sprague Lisa Sprague, former owner of Sophia Rose, Susan Molnar of the Hopewell Bistro, Carolyn Katmann Caroline Katmann and Laurie Cleveland Laurie Cleveland of the Sourland Conservancy and Dr. Rosetta Treece of the Hopewell Valley School District. And last but not at all least, Emma Lapsansky-Werner, historian and author of The Struggle for Freedom. We applaud you all!

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