Friday's Memory, October 5 2018


Every six months or so I would receive a call from a member of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church asking if I, representing Second Calvary Baptist Church, would be available to help feeding folks who were part of a program called “Family Promise” of Hunterdon County which is part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network.


This wonderful program works with the homeless by providing skills and resources they need to find permanent housing. This is where I met Jamie Sapoch who was not only a dedicated Family Promise volunteer but also the President of the Bunbury Foundation Board. So today for this Friday Memory I will tell you how a breakfast and a chance chat led to the publication of our book, “If These Stones Could Talk.”

It was three years ago that I called my research and writing partner, Beverly, to ask if she could join me to make breakfast for Family Promise one frosty Saturday morning. I not only needed the help but my ulterior motive was that I would be able to taste some of Bev’s famous cheese grits and fluffy pancakes! We set up in the kitchen and put on the gospel music to keep us moving so we could feed the group. The smell of frying bacon was the only alarm clock needed!


While the breakfast was cooking, I happened to mention to Jamie (who heard about the cheese grits) that Bev and I were in the process of writing a book and asked if she had advice on where we could apply for a grant to help cover expenses. Jamie listened intently while I described our research and what it had revealed. Without hesitation Jamie recommended that we apply to the Bunbury Foundation and explained how to begin the process. I guess from the excited looks on our faces she felt the need to also remind us there were no guarantees but to still apply.


Some months later, after receiving notification that our grant application was approved, we knew another leg of our journey was about to begin! Our work, as intent as it had been prior to receipt of the grant, started in earnest as we delved headlong into the project of making our book a reality.


When I think back on that frosty morning in the kitchen of the Presbyterian Church, who would have thought that cheese grits and a conversation over pancakes could lead to the publication of “If These Stones Could Talk!”


Thank you, Jamie Kyte Sapoch Jamie Sapoch and the Bunbury Foundation, for helping us realize our goal.

Friday Memory:

A Breakfast and a Chat

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