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Friday Memory

SSAAM founders Elaine Buck and Beverly Mills, write a weekly blog entitled, “Friday Memories” which pays homage to Beverly’s enslaved 4th great-grandfather, Friday Truehart. The purpose of these entries has been to enlighten and motivate our readers to think about how issues of the past are a direct link to the future. We want our readers to think more expansively on sensitive topics which may evoke uncomfortable feelings or perhaps raise awareness to consider an alternate way of thinking about a subject they were previously unaware of.  This is where the real work begins.


Our Friday Memories usually feature a story that acknowledges the contributions and rich legacy of African American life --our traditions, styles of music, cuisine, praise and worship and other cultural aspects. Our intent is to bring our readers into a world which may be culturally disparate for some but at the same time illustrate how these differences are nothing more than distinctive threads which comprise the multi-faceted fabric of our country.


There are times when we delve deeper into subjects such as America’s shameful history of slavery and Jim Crow but never with the intent to evoke feelings of anger or guilt.  Our intent is to encourage our readers to reflect on the importance of acknowledging the darkest time in our nation’s history -- that it should no longer remain a taboo subject.


It is our hope that our entries will inspire you to engage in meaningful conversation and thought as we continue to promote a safe place for dialogue and self-reflection.

All of the Friday Memory essays can be found at the If These Stones Could Talk Facebook page.

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