Friday Memory:

Being Grateful is Not Just Seasonal

Friday's Memory, December 14, 2018

By Beverly Mills and Elaine Buck


Every morning Elaine and I have a business meeting over the phone where we discuss incoming emails, speaking engagements and other requests that may, or may not, need our immediate attention. Each week on Tuesday we bounce ideas back and forth regarding what the subject matter for the Friday Memory will be and who would be the writer. This week we agreed that it was a no-brainer, that once again the topic of our conversation is expressing gratitude and why being grateful should never be relegated to one season’s reflection.


So this is what we are grateful for this week – that once again we, Beverly and Elaine, are blown away with the outpouring of support we’ve received for our book “If These Stones Could Talk.” This couldn’t have been more evident than what we witnessed this past Tuesday, December 11th, when we presented to a capacity crowd at the D&R Greenway Education Center at an event hosted by the Sourland Conservancy and the D&R Greenway.


We are appreciative not only for the outpouring of support for our work that took us over a decade to research and compile to write “If These Stones Could Talk,” we are gratified that our story about the African American presence in the Sourland Mountain region and surrounding area has reached so many diverse audiences. Did we realize that when we first began this journey to become ambassadors of the truth that we would have the opportunity to share our stories while simultaneously educating so many? No, not at all!


But here we are just slightly over one month after our official book launch on November 7th and our audiences continue to expand with folks who are hungry to know our history; folks who accept African American history as American history and realize that discussing the difficult truths of African American history openly and honestly starts the healing process. We are overwhelmed when we hear people tell us that through our presentations they learned about a history they never heard about in their entire lives and how grateful they are to finally learn. And they look us directly in the eyes and thank us for our work.


So being grateful is not just seasonal for us because we begin each day with the opportunity to give a voice to those who for too long were left marginalized and relegated to the fringes of society. We regard this as a duty and an honor; which, dear readers, we do not take lightly.
So we challenge you to look at this season differently and find whatever it is in your life that you are grateful for no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is. Join us as we begin 2019 with a spirit of being grateful in season and out!


Happy holidays to all!
Beverly and Elaine


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