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Stoutsburg, located at the junction of County Route 518 and Province Line Road, was once known as Dogtown, then Stoutsville, and was split between Mercer and Somerset counties. First settled around 1800, it was home to a hotel, tavern, post office, school, and shops for a blacksmith, wheelwright and cabinet maker. The only evidence of the village's existence today is one 19th century home.


Stoutsburg African American Cemetery: One of the oldest African American cemeteries in New Jersey, existing since the late 1700s. Many African Americans veterans are buried here, dating to the American Revolution and the Civil War.

More detailed information about the cemetery can be found here: 

Province Line Historic Marker: The marker on Province Line Road on the southwest corner of the intersection was erected in 1971 by The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey. It describes the division between East and West Jersey, dating back to Lord Berkley and Sir George Carteret in the late 1600s. 

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