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Empowering Knowledge

Dive into African American history and culture with our curated resources.

Oral Histories

These oral history recordings share the stories of people who descended from African American pioneers who settled in the Sourland Mountain region. The oral histories will also be available to the public at the museum’s listening stations.

SSAAM Bookshelf

Looking for a book on the African American experience? Explore our Bookshelf, which contains titles read and reviewed by SSAAM members and others.

Mapping Application

This web mapping application allows users to search for sites of African American cultural and historical importance, from Virginia to Maine.

Black History Map of the Sourlands

We have produced a new a 34"x44" geophysical map for SSAAM, depicting the important African American historical/cultural sites of New Jersey's Sourland region. Created by SSAAM board member and GIS analyst Kevin Burkman, the map is being distributed to local schools as part of our education/out-reach programs.

"Giving Voice"

Archived copies of SSAAM's printed annual report and newsletter, with original articles, interviews, and the latest museum news.

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