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Museum Resources

Follow the links below to explore digital resources exploring African American history and culture.

  • "Lifting the Veil" Podcast: Listen to SSAAM co-founders Beverly Mills & Elaine Buck's podcast uncovering the truth about African American history.

  • YouTube: We have posted numerous SSAAM related videos and have included content from two of our most important partners, the Sourland Conservancy and the D&R Greenway Land Trust. Please be sure to subscribe!

  • "Giving Voice": SSAAM's annual report and newsletter, with original articles, interviews, and the latest museum news.


  • Geophysical Map: We have produced a new a 34"x44" geophysical map for SSAAM, depicting the important African American historical/cultural sites of New Jersey's Sourland region. Created by SSAAM board member and GIS analyst Kevin Burkman, the map is being distributed to local schools as part of our education/out-reach programs.

  • Friday Memory: Weekly blogs that feature a story that acknowledges the contributions and rich legacy of African American life.  

  • Publications: Check out books written by SSAAM founders Beverly Mills and Elaine Buck.

  • Mapping Application: This web mapping application allows users to search for sites of African American cultural and historical importance, from Virginia to Maine.

  • Dispatches: Explore African American current events, history, and travel. You never know what you'll find here!

  • Bookshelf: Looking for a book on the African American experience? Explore our Bookshelf, which contains titles read and reviewed by SSAAM members and others.

  • Monroe Work Today Project: An online mapping application that explores the lynching data compiled by the Tuskgegee Institute's Monroe Work.

  • "Geography of a Lynching" : A digital mapping project: that explores the circumstances of the 1911 lynching of Zachariah Walker, which garnered international recognition and condemnation.

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