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Stand with Us!

At SSAAM, we deeply appreciate the invaluable contributions from our generous donors, grantors, and Founding Members who make our mission a reality. Your support is vital in preserving and sharing the rich history and cultural heritage of African Americans in the Sourland Mountain region. Explore the various ways you can contribute and be part of the SSAAM community!

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Meet Patricia Payne

Patricia True Payne (Pat) is SSAAM's foremost donor and a current board member. After spending several years living and working in Massachusetts, she relocated back home to New Jersey. Patricia is a descendant of Friday Truehart, one of the earliest African American settlers in the Sourland Mountain Region, who gained his freedom in 1819.

Become a Supporter

Become part of the SSAAM community by supporting our programming and operations. Contribute to the growth of the Sourland Education & Exhibit Center.

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Volunteer with SSAAM!

Explore meaningful opportunities to contribute your time and skills at the Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum.

Meet Our Grantors

Discover the faces behind SSAAM's success - our generous donors, grantors, and Founding Members who make our impactful work possible. Explore and meet them here.


SSAAM Peach Basket Marketplace

The SSAAM Peach Basket Marketplace is our online marketplace for interesting items unique to SSAAM and the African American presence and experience in the Sourland Mountain region.

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